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Bryan Palmer

Bryan Palmer

This year Bryan Palmer clicks off 13 years in the real estate business for Harcourts.  Over a dozen years in any business is an achievement. Add $80 million worth of real estate bought and sold and you can appreciate it has been a period of great success. But it has also been a time of great change; markets climbing then falling, technological advances in leaps and bounds. The funny thing is, Bryan’s approach hasn’t changed. Firmly entrenched in the old school mantra of “people count above all else” his professionalism reflects this simple premise: real estate is about people - their relationships, their changes, their dreams. If done right, those clients remain uncompromisingly loyal. Bryan Palmer does it right.

  • It Couldn't Be Any Easier

    Blenheim, 15A Buick Street

    Auction 02 May 2018 *

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