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Martyn Birch

Martyn Birch

“Relationships are the cornerstone to any business transaction”.

Previously the owner and operator of Thymebank, a hydroponic farming business, Marty grew it into a nationally recognised and trusted brand. He believes that hard work and dedication were the key ingredients to his success.

Marty is no stranger to hard work and dedication. He moved to Marlborough 18 years ago, with the NZ Navy, went on to grow and sell Thymebank and managed to represent NZ in age group Triathlon and Ironman along the way.

He’s now transferring his experience and work ethic to growing and strengthening the Harcourts rural team.

Marty believes relationships are the cornerstone to any business transaction. “It’s not just about selling stuff, it’s about forming relationships and adding value. If someone wants to see me for advice, they don’t have to be selling anything, they can just catch up with me for a beer or cuppa”.


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