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Harcourts Property Management understands the market and we know how to get the best return for you.

We are at the forefront of Property Management technology. Our Property Managers enjoy a mix of mobile and web based products to streamline the many processes required for seamless management and administration.
Creating Success 
Our business philosophy is based on "creating success". Four specific values that are communicated throughout the organisation - people first, doing the right thing, being courageous and fun and laughter. 

Industry leading systems and procedures along with our philosophy of continuing innovation ensures your property are in the best hands.  
Our staff are supported by our Property Management Division Manager whose sole role is to support, train, problem solve and keep up to date with the latest innovations in the world of Property Management.

We are specialists in Property Management, our people are dedicated professionals. 

  • Our Property Managers understand how the market will impact your investment and how to improve the yield from your property.
  • Our local knowledge is backed by our global strength. 
  • A companywide focus on the delivery of exceptional customer service. 
  • The Harcourts Academy researches and provides expert training and coaching for our Property Managers who continue to remain at the forefront of Property Management legislative changes. 
  • We accelerate the renting of your property to the right tenant through our focussed marketing and tenant screening procedures. 
  • We guarantee that we will proactively communicate with you on all matters relating to your property. 
  • We offer a wide range of value added services to further enhance your investment.

Contact our team now to have your property appraised. 


We take the stress out of owning a rental property. Once you have signed our management authority we have the ability to act on your behalf in all respects regarding the renting of your property, so you can leave all the decisions to us if you want or you can stay involved in the decision making process, it’s your choice. Whatever you choose, we will communicate with you every step of the way and keep you fully informed.

We understand the benefit of finding the best possible tenant, and this starts with ensuring your property is well marketed. We use our in house professional photographer to photograph your property giving advertising the care and attention it deserves. We advocate the 3 P’s so often used in Real Estate speak—Profile, Presentation & Price. When all 3 are right, we will find quality tenants for your property. We advertise your property on our main Harcourts web site www.harcourts.co.nz, Realestate.co.nz and on our facebook page. We also capitalise on our fantastic location in town with 10,000 people a day going past our doors and viewing our window advertising. 

Once we have a quality tenant for your property, and have your approval, we ensure the tenant signs the correct documentation, pays the required 4 week bond and the letting fee. At the commencement of the tenancy the tenant is given a detailed report on the condition of the property. This includes 250 plus photographs and details of any wear and tear. This report forms the basis of the final inspection when the tenant vacates. 

After the tenancy has commenced we schedule a first inspection approximately one month later followed by regular property inspections 4 times a year. We send a written report to you after each inspection including details and photographs of any maintenance recommended. 
When the tenancy comes to an end we complete a final inspection to ensure the vacating tenant has left the property in an acceptable condition. 
Throughout the management we attend to any maintenance requirements either identified at our regular inspections or reported by the tenant. We do this in consultation with you unless there is an emergency when we will act in the best interests of you and the property. 
We do ask that you give us some discretion to act on your behalf which enables us to ensure minor maintenance items are kept up to date. All our contractors are professionals and are required to complete our Contractors Agreement and provide copies of relevant licenses and insurances.
If you have a preferred contractor, please let us know.

If you are purchasing an investment property we can help with this process. We can advise locations and features which make a property more attractive to tenants. We can also advise on any improvements which may allow an increase in the rent return. Most importantly, we can view the property and give you an accurate market rent assessment so you can purchase your investment property with confidence.


Tenant selection is crucial to our service and this is why we employ a specialised letting officer. Their role is to find the best possible tenant for your property and in doing so, follows a stringent application process. Our letting officer is skilled in interpreting reports and asking the right questions of Referees to get a good understanding of the tenants rental history. 

Prospective tenants will need to complete a detailed application form and provide: 

• Photo identification 

• References 

• Employment or income details 

• In some cases proof of income 

• Proof of visa or residence if from overseas 

• Pass a tenant check via T.I.N.Z (Tenancy Information NZ) which includes Veda credit, Drivers licence and Tenancy Tribunal checks 

• Photo of pets


We start most of our tenancy agreements with a 6 month fixed term which gives security to all parties. We need both the tenant and the property owners in agreement to commit to a further fixed term. If this cannot be reached the tenancy will roll to a periodic term. 

Fixed Term: 
The tenant signs the tenancy agreement for a set time period. For the duration of this period they are legally obligated to pay rent at the rent rate agreed upon when signing the agreement. This is a legal binding agreement and both parties are committed to the tenancy for the term of the agreement. Sometimes, due to extenuating circumstances, we may consider a request from the tenant to break the agreement. This is done in consultation with the property owner. An application to Tenancy Services can also be made by either party to break the agreement, although this is rare. 

Periodic Term: 
The tenant can, at any time, give 21 days notice to end the tenancy, this needs to be given in writing and the tenant does not need to give a reason. The property owner is required to give 90 days notice to end the tenancy. If the property is privately owned, and is required for the owners (or an immediate family members) occupation or the property has been sold, the notice period is 42 days.


The majority of our tenants have automatic payments set up which are monitored daily. Failure to pay rent will be followed up immediately requesting the situation be remedied. If the tenant fails to rectify the situation within 48 hours your property manager will act promptly ensuring the correct procedures are followed in order to have the situation remedied. If we are unable to achieve a swift resolution we will advise you. 
We are proud of our rent arrears rates which, at under 1% (for the year ending 31/3/15), are exceptional.


We operate an audited Trust Account and all rent payments are received into this account. Twice a month—the 1st business day after the 15th and the 1st business day after the end of the month— we pay the nett rent proceeds into your nominated bank account. This is the rent collected, less our fees, less any invoices for maintenance or services. We also send you a detailed statement at the end of the month showing all these transactions along with copies of any invoices paid. At the end of the financial year we send a complete 12 month summary to you detailing all income and expenditure. 
If you have multiple properties, these will be shown separately and if required, we can separate the payments by property and even pay to different bank accounts. 
We pay all the maintenance invoices on your behalf and if required we can accumulate funds for future maintenance projects.


Our inspection process is a crucial part of what we do for you. This starts with a detailed entry inspection report consisting of both a written and photographic record of the property. A copy of this is given to the tenant and we encourage them to check the report for accuracy. 

We physically visit the property every thirteen weeks, completing four inspections in a twelve month period plus an extra inspection one month after a new tenancy commences making sure the tenant has settled in and there are no issues. Our regular inspections are dual purpose. Not only are we looking at how the tenant is looking after the property but we are also identifying any maintenance that may be required now or in the future. We also regularly review the rent and advise you our recommendations. 

We require our tenants to keep the house clean and tidy and also to ensure the property receives adequate ventilation. The garden and lawns are also the responsibility of the tenant. If you have a large garden or one that does require a ‘green finger’ touch, we recommend that the lawns and gardens are professionally tended to and this additional cost be reflected in the rent received. 
If we find that your tenant is not taking care of the property to our required standard we will, in the first instance, work with them to improve that standard. If this is not successful, we issue them with the appropriate notice and monitor this closely, carrying out extra inspections if necessary. 

When your tenant vacates the premises we carry out our final inspection. This is where our skills as negotiators are often seen at their best, as this is the most common reason for Tenancy Tribunal applications. Sometimes, at the end of a tenancy, there can be a variation between what is considered “reasonable” as deemed by the Residential Tenancies Act and what is considered acceptable for a new tenant moving in. Tenancy Services expects that owners will complete some cleaning (3-5 hours) between tenants and it is recommended that it is factored in to your annual budget.


We start with a free, no obligation visit to your property. We will discuss our services and advise you on the expected market rental and any requirements your property may need before letting. 

It is important when setting the rent that it is set at a level that is fair and reasonable and is ‘market rent’. We can bring a list of comparable properties to qualify the rent assessment we give you. 

Your house needs to be thoroughly cleaned and gardens tided to make it attractive to the prospective tenants and to encourage them to keep it in the same condition during their tenancy. 

We recommend the following: 
• Remove all personal belongings
• Have the carpets commercially cleaned 
• Wash the windows inside and out 
• Touch up paintwork if required and wash down walls 
• Wash off any fly spots 
• Leave all surfaces clean and tidy, especially the oven 
• Fix any maintenance issues that are outstanding 
• Mow the lawns and remove all weeds from the garden 
• Remove all rubbish from the garden, garage and section 
• Fill any gas bottles if required 
• Complete a final reading for your electricity supplier 

All of this can be arranged by us using our tradespeople if preferred. 
We require two full sets of keys and the balance of council rubbish bags (if applicable). Future rubbish bag vouchers should be forwarded to us, it allows us to control and record the distribution to the tenant.
We insist on all properties having smoke alarms fitted. If the property does not have smoke alarms we will arrange this for you. 

It is very important to make sure you are correctly insured and your insurance policy reflects that your property is going to be rented. There is a difference between owner occupied and tenanted. We are happy to clarify any questions you may have and cannot stress enough the importance of making sure you are covered.