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Aaron Flowerday

Aaron Flowerday

So often the success of a sale can be measured by the agent you choose - it’s a big decision. You want an agent that is going to add value to your property, through superior marketing and a genuine passion for achieving the best results possible for each and every client. That’s where I come in. Aaron Flowerday is my name. I’m a big believer in this wonderful Marlborough province and everything it has to offer. I have a background in property development, marketing, viticulture, gourmet food and local cuisine as well as an inherent affinity for interior design. I have found this diverse experience translates well to the local real estate industry providing me (and in turn you) with valuable networks and a wealth of information and advice. I liken myself to a permanent material home - reliable and steadfast. As the proverbial bricks and mortar in your property pursuits I am committed to making your real estate journey as enjoyable and easy as possible. I’ll put in the hard work so you don’t have to.

    The Perfect Destination - Omaka Landing

    Listing: BL8900

    Blenheim, Lot 182 Omaka Landing

    If you're looking for the perfect lifestyle, we've got the perfect location. Omaka Landing is just minutes from Blenheim's town centre and from award-winning wineries and vineyard restaurants. Set...


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